Current Expedition

Documenting maritime cultures around the Mediterranean Rim.

For millennia, the Mediterranean peoples have conducted maritime quests for myth, treasure, inspiration, food, commerce, transportation, conquest, exploitation, research, discovery and adventure. Now the sea is suffering over-fishing and the destruction of coastal ecosystems necessary to the longterm health of the sea itself, and to the livelihood and culture of its peoples.


11Lives and Legends of the Mediterranean Sea 2011-present

10Coral Sea to Mediterranean Sea 2006-2010

08Indian Ocean and South East Asia Coral Reef Mapping Expedition 1995 -2001

07Collections for Biosphere 2 Project 1990-1991

06Expedition to Antarctica 1987-1989

05Around the Tropic World Expedition 1983-1986

04Amazon Expedition 1980-1982

03Third Voyage Australia to Malayasia

02Second Voyage: Indian Ocean Circumnavigation

01First Three Voyages: 1975-1979