20th of August 1500 zulu

Alright then
We are going for it!
Force 7 now from the east – Mizzen and fore sail are taken down, only the main sail is up and Heraclitus is pounding into a very rough sea and about to cross the main shipping lane of the straits.
DD 671 is working hard and the wind is from 70 degrees before the port beam, the bow is diving in constantly, water is flying over the decks. Another 16 miles to Tangier -and it feels like the longest stretch of this crossing…… we are making an amazing speed of over 3 knots in these adverse weather conditions right now on a course of 135 degrees; most of that is current I guess.
Hope that the wind has peaked already and remember all the good work that was done in South Africa during our last dry dock.
I feel the strain on the ship and will be a happy man when we drop anchor tonight – preferably in day light.
The harbor of Tangier should offer some protection.
The skies are clear and if we run late the moon will help some…..
If it gets to crazy we will turn around and try to anchor around Cape Trafalgar until the weather has settled.

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