The Heraclitus needs your support! 

We are in the midst of a campaign: by end of January, we must secure £180,000 for bills- shipyard, workers, rent and materials to complete our hull. We will dedicate the Heraclitus hull to those who help us over this first hurdle. Could you help?

Even the smallest donations add up, and help cover our scrupulously-budgeted costs. You may donate through the paypal buttons below, or write a cheque to our UK or USA offices.

Donations to the Heraclitus Rebuild Fund are tax deductible in the UK and the USA. In the UK, please consider contribution under Gift Aid.

Institute of Ecotechnics: U.K. Educational Charity, Central Register of Charities (No. 1081259)

24 Old Gloucester St.; London, WC1N 3AL. UK


Institute of Ecotechnics: U.S.A. 501(c)(3) Not-for-profit Organization (No. 74-3177755)

1 Bluebird Ct; Santa Fe, New Mexico 87508 USA

We are able to offer special recognition honouring those who are able to give the following amounts to fund our hull. These amounts are listed in pounds; all currencies are accepted.

  • £2,000 – a porthole
  • £5,000 – a hatch
  • £10,000 gift – portside 
  • £10,000 gift – starboard 
  • £10,000 gift – the wheel 
  • £20,000 gift – command room 
  • £50,000 gift – the bow

We also welcome gifts-in-kind and Heraclitus ambassadors who are able to help us fundraise, host events and promote the campaign.

The following items are needed for the ship’s rebuild.

Generously Supported by: