Day 11, June 29, 2010

The winds came back early morning, 2 days ago – after we had drifted through the night, preserving fuel and waiting for confused seas to calm down…
We wanted to find the gulf stream again and winds in our favor took us closer to the coordinates of its axis – Freddy thanks for those updates.
The afternoon turned exciting when we finally had a huge Mahi Mahi on the hook of the line we were trawling – very decent fight to bring the mans leg sized fish on the deck – Mo thought someone had a seizure when she heard us screaming and wrestling with the beautiful beast on the stern.
Gilson and Juan paraded the bloody fish below decks before it was even gutted and we ate it all the same night, only the head made a fantastic soup today for lunch. We had sashimi, raw fish Polynesian style and fried steaks and turned all hyper from a mega boost of protein – Jemanja had taken a liking and was not quite done yet..
The moon came up about 2 hours after sunset, we were now getting close to what Freddy had called “the last strong segment of the Gulf stream”, the wind increased continuously from SW until we were finally sailing in a near gale on a stbd tack.
I did not sleep that night, not because it was so rough but rather because I was so excited. Heraclitus surfing following seas with swells of up to 3 to 4 or sometimes even 5 meters it seemed – Eddie and me in awe when most marvelous 2 dolphins came shooting out of one wave that was just ready to break while lifting Heraclitus stern effortless towards the night sky. Plenty of water was gushing over the decks that night. Even had a close call with a motor tanker that did not answer the radio at first and crossed our bow in only half mile distance – we had right of way and were possibly for the first time the faster boat.
Clouds were chasing past the moon, all lit in beautiful yellow moon light and the best was what the GPS was telling us: Heraclitus was almost flying tonight with a top speed of 11.3 knots – fuckin’ magic!
As far as I know that was breaking the ships speed record.
Today the task is to do the best days run ever which should be somewhere between 170 to 180 nm. Forecast is good…
Zunas birthday will be celebrated in the Azores I said, that is the 19th of July. Ride on.
Wind is still from SW with 25 knots and the gulf stream our friend.
Currently doing 7.5 knots in 075 degrees. The ocean is a Majesty .
Tomorrow is another day.

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