Day 13, July 1, 2010

It is the early morning of the first of July.
The severe storm warning of a few days ago by Freddy has fortunately been down graded but we are in for some very heavy rains today.
2230 UTC WED JUN 30 2010 is headed by a PAN PAN.
Issued are 2 gale warnings for the Western North Atlantic.
One of those is ours and I am watching the skies of our stern and feel the ocean swells growing bigger, they are the messengers of what is about to come.
We have sailed with an amazing speed and consistency over the past 48 hours in SW winds between 20 to 30 knots.
Heraclitus has never performed like this – at least not in my time.. maybe she knows and is just running, maybe she just wants to please me.
So far the ocean has shown its beautiful face to us and we had fine blue skies and waters,the nights were magic and temperatures very agreeable. The next 24 – 48 hours shall be different.
We put more lashings into the mainsail in case we have to reef and there is always more ship shaping.
The Mizzen sail is down for days now, not strong enough above force 5 anymore. Fore and Main I trust and will stay up until we reach force 9 or until my instinct tells me some thing else.
The crew should be in good nick as most of them got christened in a gale off Hispaniola, when we had lost our steering 4 miles of a leeward shore, just 6 weeks ago.
We will sail with following seas and winds from the starboard quarter, so if the waves start to break and roll they will crash into Heraclitus strong and sexy stern – Helmsman better stay on course today!
Today we might tickle the bull, I am excited.
It is 12:00 Zulu now
We are sailing with 7.5 knots in 070 degrees, the sun is in our face right now, clouds are building slowly of our stern but no rain yet – all looks innocent so far….

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