Day 16, July 4, 2010 – 1,380 nm to go

Half hour till breakfast.
Rain drops are falling on our deck ……and a grey sphere has now well established itself over the ship for the past 2 days. We are hove 2 under a featureless sky in easterly winds, just tacked a few times to drift in a more favorable direction.
The grey brought with it some tristesse and woolen socks, new hats and sweaters and shoes and the reminder that most of our foul weather gear does not really keep you dry for long and I dearly miss my favorite blanket that I’ve lost somewhere in America.
Slow progress but at least progress, and an invisible helms man took us about 80 nautical miles to the NE – it is only another few miles before we cross the latitude of 40 degrees N, not a usual hang out for ‘Heraclitus tropical’ but this is where we planned to be – I am not up for doldrums, not the right crew and not the right time in my life…:
Up here they say we will find more prevalent South westerlies, up here its wet and cold and windy. It is summer time and I shall not complain!
Yesterday the hand of god took possession of my right for a moment and I managed to tune into a fine signal of “Deutsche Welle” on our new but somehow very complicated SSB radio and we listened to Argentina playing against Germany and it was a difficult day for Juan – I felt sorry, not even 1 goal for Argentina !
Inspired by football team Germany’s great performance I volunteered to cook together with Rio that night – pork ribs, potatoes and sauerkraut is probably what our Cape town boys were having too. However I could not convince the crew of the importance of including sauerkraut in their diet although even Captain Cook had carried this French/German delicacy on his fantastic voyages some hundred years ago. Our half way party in Synesthesia was sweet while a force 6 with cold rain blew outside until I pulled the plug for many reasons in a sudden attack of grumpiness around 23:00 – maybe I am getting old….did someone just call me party-pooper monster?
So while I am writing this the sky lit up and shows us shapes of clouds and even patches of blue here and there. The wind turned to almost W and we are trying to sail in a light force 3 – just enough or maybe not to keep us going.
The sun might just come back today and a Mahi Mahi family is accompanying us for some time now – they are such fantastically beautiful fish , faithful to their soul mate I think and so very tasty – we are too slow to trawl a line…..

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