Day 17, July 5, 2010

It is one of those exceptional mornings, one that makes you feel more alive than usual.
A blue clean sky complemented by a fresh, gentle, cool breeze of air that almost has a taste and the horizon is somehow further away than ever – in one word best described as crisp and best enjoyed in solitude without a single word spoken….
The sun came back yesterday and the wind shifted to a favorable S To SW direction but only for a few hours.
We are hove 2 again since 3 o’clock this night, the Gulf stream got weak or is somewhere else – we are drifting NE with only half a knot, at least we are not loosing ground.
We have not lost our momentum yet and shall just wait now. The weather will change to our advantage one of these days. It is a good day to top up the water tanks, the desalinator does not work well in rough seas.
DD 671 is on holiday and saving fuel seems all worth it these days…
Argentina/Brazil 3 to 1 – that is in fish caught yesterday afternoon and prepared for Sunday night dinner by Juan and Gilson.
The Mahi Mahi family that has faithfully followed Heraclitus to the east got smaller.
At least yesterday I felt for a moment what I did not expect anymore from this crew: Some kind of transformation has taken place; and people that somehow could not before, have started to talk or laugh or just be with each other.
Maybe it is the fresh fish, the fresh air or simply some ancient wisdom of Heraclitus?
Change is the only constant and some white caps can be seen on starboard side.

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