Day 18, July 6, 2010

Blue skies and light winds from the S for almost 2 days now, interrupted only once by a little squall yesterday afternoon and Heraclitus is swaying soft and gently back and forth while the rigging creeks and squeaks a little sweet song of pleasant idleness upon a vast but quiet ocean – sounds almost too romantic,doesn’t it…..
Two white lights on top of each other plus a green and a red approaching our starboard stern meant that just before midnight a cargo ship came steaming right towards us. Gilson woke me up, our deck flood lights all on and shining bright, trying to raise attention and one could already hear the sound of their gigantic engines – high time to turn on our DD 671 as there was no reaction from the 10.000 tons of boat that was surprisingly fast closing in from behind. In the end a powerful spotlight that we were flashing right onto their bridge did the job and they finally changed their course to starboard passing us in less 2 cables distance, our eyes glued onto that big wall of steel and no word spoken until their port light disappeared – some extra late night entertainment.
This morning was another beauty, Mahi Mahi still around, obviously not taking it personal that we had killed a few of them; Tuna chasing flying fish to port and what had just floated past was not a plastic bottle but a Portuguese man of war, a somehow graceful jelly fish of fascinating color that can cause extreme pain when accidentally touched – time for a swim stop….
Good wind is forecast for this afternoon, it is time to move and make some way – 1280 miles to Horta in Azores. 2400 miles to Tangier.
18:00 local time, a few hours later and still blue skies but now with a moderate breeze from SW and we are sailing due east on a starboard tack with 4.5 knots.

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