Day 19, July 7, 2010

Ah, the sea…le voyage…the space between life and death, where questions arise and also answers- many answers, those before arrival and those after reaching land. These are parallel lives on different planets……after more than two weeks at sea it feels very out there.
A few days ago I looked out of the lady’s head porthole while taking a shower and I spotted land. Of course I knew it was impossible, but I fancied the illusion for a few seconds, studying the clouds which formed a perfect skyline of ragged mountains. I imagined lush green valleys with oak forests and rushing streams of fresh water. Was this a surprise by the Captain or fabled Mount Analogue… But no….,it’s still over a thousand nautical miles to go…
Then yesterday I spotted a small turtle, again at a glance out of the porthole- which is an amazing coincidence, the ship becoming a laterna magica. Distractions aren’t abundant but not absent–there is lots of Sargasso grass floating in the ocean with micro ecosystems of crustaceans and tiny fish swimming underneath. Pods of dolphins (or again and again the same one…) are frolicking in the distance. The water is a deep blue-green color – the temperature has dropped to 23 degrees Celsius from 37 degrees just a few weeks ago. It is almost dead calm now. An ever so slight whiff of wind and sunny. There is giggling and laughter from the galley and from the stern -still from Bahamas we carried a very large yam root, which Gabriella has been making chips from for the past 3 days. She called it ‘Albert’…and Albert was devoured today… We will motor after dinner, to keep up the pace, just in case, and to reach higher latitudes where the winds are said to be blowing strong enough to push the ship forward- at least the black arrows on the wind map look a little thicker, though they have promised us a force 4 now and here we are in gentle big swells with little ripples…ah, yes, the sea…
(Captain Claus excuses himself today from the blog, because the German soccer team is out of the tournament….)

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