Day 20, July 8, 2010

So our boys failed in Durban against Spain last night – I had to witness this national tragedy on Radio and the expedition chief helped me out with a bottle of white rum from Hispaniola to drown my sorrows. Fascinating that a little leather ball kicked around by some young country man many thousand miles away can turn me into a real German for a moment – I was ready to order the crew to burn guitars and dump chorizos and all olive oil over board but fortunately remembered good times, old friends and sweet lovers from Iberia and that Barcelona will be home to our vessel in just a few months from now – I came to my senses.
Detachment is so difficult for me but the single most important thing I want to accomplish on this journey…
The sea had turned greenish and cold in wise anticipation yesterday morning, we were becalmed and quietly drifting towards the south – not good.
New little orange jelly fish of classical shape hovered around, a gang of four yellow fin tuna cruised by,large dolphins could be observed but stayed distant most of the afternoon.
The clear nights are marvelous out here with no bastard light pollution from anywhere one can see the stars brighter than ever and feels so much closer to the universe and the ocean adds to the magic with a constant increase of bio luminescence over the past few days. Even Carlos who had confessed to me upon arrival in Bahamas his phobia of the seas – welcome aboard sailor…- has by now turned into a solid ocean lover.
At midnight we got weak and turned our main engine on . The weather charts we received are disappointing and Freddy suggestion that we might find better conditions to the North made good sense to me. We continued under engine towards NE until lunch time today and are sailing 60 degrees since then making 2.5 to 3 knots in a gentle breeze from NW and very little swell.
We are getting further away from land every day and it truly starts to feel like that, wild creatures seem to become more curious and want to check us out. An unidentified whale or maybe even whale shark has come close and showed his huge dorsal fin some hours ago and a truly gigantic turtle swam past our stern just now.

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