Day 26, July 14, 2010

The calm and the fog had become faithful companions for the past 5 days , wet and cold and fascinating.
Shortly after dawn when the suns rays started to work their way through the thick mist another divine manifestation of nature could be observed to the west. A defined semi circle of bright white light with only the faintest hint of rainbow colors could be seen just a few hundred yards away – like a vision of a miraculous gate to another realm worth a grand entrance of the winged horse Pegasus or some other mythical creature was natures fine gift to us for a few recent mornings.
We almost solidly refrained from running our main engine not only to save fuel and nerves but also to appreciate these rare manifestations of the planet’s grace in appropriate silence and humility.
Fog seems to be prevalent north of 42 degrees north and fog horns could be heard a few times, reminding us that we’re not quite alone.
Radar has become so very useful and is to be checked every 20 minutes if the visibility deteriorates.
What are you actually doing out there?
The term ‘Man Time’ was coined about 5 years ago by a great Tasmanian sailor friend when cruising the South Pacific islands of Vanuatu. It is the manly display of muscular power, ideally in the mid day sun accompanied by heavy sweating and swearing; simple push ups, pull ups or sit ups that were at least in those fine old days geared at making up for heavy consumption of Kava in the local ‘Nakamas’ the night before or at getting rid of body fat and waste from eating too much of the horrible instant noodle soups that had become a major part of mine and Eddie’s diet. If that was not motivation enough, one could always find some woman or other alpha male to impress….
‘Anaerobic’ is inspired by a recent meeting in Bahamas with a free dive maniac and old time Heraclitus fan , who had not only witnessed Heraclitus being dreamt up in 1975 in Oakland California but who had also helped many years later to free her after she was dragging anchor in a nasty winter storm onto a sand bank off the coast of Florida.
He was happy to see the ship again in Bahamas after more than 20 years and continued to be a fan and friend and inspiration.
At 42 N/47 W I could not carry rocks across the ocean floor or dare to pet a bull shark on its nose but I can hold my breath in solitude, performing anaerobic ‘man time’ on the bow – take me down to 120….
My maddening exhales after 50 repetitions must have sounded like a dolphin in distress which might explain why 4 white bellied dudes came flying at me as if to my rescue or savior 2 mornings ago and whistled their sweet clicks to me for more than 20 minutes until sure that I was fine….
The sea is calm and somehow grows ever bigger and makes the ship shrink and being so close to each other more challenging than before….Some of us are getting edgy and little things are blown out of proportion and now we wait for winds and a change of moods and attitude.
Last moonless night adrift again and the silence of the universe was enchanting and interrupted only by the excited trilling of a gang of tiny happy sea birds or the not so distant frequent blows and splashes from whales and dolphins – few ships but lots of life and the strange but welcome feeling of being further away from everything than ever.
Strong winds and rain are forecast in 2 days from now – bring em on ,it is time…..
Now, just now a shark came cruising by and is still hanging out the first mate just remarked – I believe the 4 foot oceanic white tip is looking for some company or just a little hungry, how ever it left the beautiful sun fish, first one i have seen in ages alone.
vive la revolution

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