Day 29, July 16, 2010

The wind returned in sufficient strength on Wednesday afternoon and we started to sail again – about time as calm and doldrums feeling had its effect on psyche and moral, although not a real challenge yet but after almost 30 days, one at times prefers to not hear every sentence spoken.
Thursday morning, and with grey skies came winds and speed and also some fresh fish on our lure – a good size yellow fin tuna, maybe 15 some pounds and Rio and Lin-ly prepared some yummy Sushi that night, peace of cake to roll the bamboo mat in 30 degree of angle.
The lure was lost to something much bigger later on that day and this time I had carried our sweet little deck garden into safety before the first salty onslaught of the sea….
The wind was pumping with up to 30 knots through the night and squalls came racing past.
In the late afternoon we had a fantastic visit of a very large and unusually cheerful pod of common dolphins and their lovely little baby’s, performing happy acrobatics for us on the bow in stormy grey seas. And most of us stood for long in the cold rain and marvelled at their playfulness while Heraclitus was rushing on with up to seven knots producing the kind of foaming frothy bow wave that added to those creature’s bliss and actually ours too.
I had another unusual meeting with the animal kingdom in engine room when checking out the propellers stuffing box and a tiny crab came crawling up from the bilge to quickly hide under one of the steel floor plates when realizing that I had spotted it…..little dude, how did you get in? and what are you doing in here all those weeks? what happened to your family? Why are you alone? where is your love? …Questions ,questions, questions….
The wind subsided suddenly again this morning after taking us another 125 miles closer towards our destination within 24 hours – another 700 to go before we reach the port of Horta on the island of Faial.
Right now the sky is clearing up and we are sailing ESE in light northerly winds making up to 3 knots only – hope the wind will stay some time….
On supplies: the 8-12 watch and especially young unflinching Abi, the woman in charge did brilliant in checking and managing the fresh supplies and all the rest of the stocks.
We hardly threw a thing away, also because it is so much cooler than usual.
We are now down to one crate of onions, one of potatoes, some good amount of garlic and some few hundred eggs of which the first disappointing rotten ones have said hello recently….;the freezers are still packed with meat and frozen veggies and other goodies and we carry enough canned food, rice, beans and flour to make it through till Christmas – we for sure not gonna starve out here.
All other systems are working good or at least good enough and so far we have used approximately 1,500 liters of diesel – a quarter of our total fuel capacity.
We are by far not there yet…

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