Day 34, July 22, 2010

Fog has come and gone, so has the sunshine and so have the moods over the past few days. Finally today a decent breeze from SW came up and we are sailing again – feels so much better.
We had turned the engine on several times and ran on just over 1000 RPM since the beginning of the week to cover at least some distance – DD 671 is noisy but does not let us down….
First Mate Zuna turned 33 and celebrated in style with his favorite dance hall reggae tunes and a crew of Rastafarians – at least we tried to be …
Happy Eddie was greeted by two local baby sunfish, drinks were plenty and of good Brazilian origin while the half intoxicated chef did his best to produce some proper chicken, beans and rice – Germaican style!
Another 5 days maybe before we arrive in Faial.
Excitement is growing slowly and people talk about strange things like trees, apples, mountains or grass.
And if the winds behave we might just sail close past the western islands of Corvo or Flores, just as a teaser, to please the eyes with unusual vertical lines, to get a whiff of land, to sense the presence of other terrestrial beings.
Hope we can take it….

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