The research vessel Heraclitus has continuously explored the world’s oceans since its launch in 1975. Designed for both deep ocean sailing and river exploration, its voyages have taken it 2,000 miles up the Amazon, around the tropic world, and to Antarctica, training more than 200 young participants in its Sea People training program. In October, it was well into its “Coral Sea to Aegean Sea” expedition, sailing from Cairns, Queensland, to Thursday Island (located in the Torres Strait, north of Cape York, Australia) using the inner passage through the Great Barrier Reef, considered by many to be one of the most treacherous and difficult passages in the world due to the constant danger of reefs combined with strong winds and currents. From Thursday Island, the Heraclitussailed out through the Torres Strait leaving the Coral Sea and entering the Arafura Sea, bound for its next major port stop at Phuket, Thailand by December 27. Club Director, Capt. Rio Hahn, departed the ship at Thursday Island, and visited Explorers Club Honorary President Sir Edmund Hillary and his wife, Lady June, at their home in Auckland, New Zealand.


After an update on the expedition, Sir Edmund videotaped a message for the crew, noting, “The world is still full of challenges. The main thing is you have to look for them; things just don’t happen all by themselves.When you find them, then you get stuck in and get to work to overcome the problems. There is nothing more exciting and satisfactory than overcoming a problem that nobody has ever overcome before. So seek out adventures.As long as you can find them, as long as you can tackle them with energy and all of your effort, you’ll succeed on them.”


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