Heraclitus Ship will be in Valencia until 2nd May 2011 and they will do an interview with valencia fisherman


From 28 th january, Heraclitus Ship from Institute of Ecotechnicas is in Valencia habour where they will start an internaticiontal investigation about culture and history of mediterranean’s fishermans.


Etnology Museum of Valencia colaborate with Echotechnics Institute of United States in this proyect which starts in Valencia and they will finish in 2014 after investigation about fisermans in the mediterranean area


During 3 year running Barcelona, Marsella, Genova, Chipre, Tunez, Sicila y Volos in Greece. Christine Handte is the captain of this expedition which they are interested in life of fisherman in Valencia area and cabañal which likes to much all the people from Heraclistus ship.


To investige this proyect, they will need valencia fisherman whose they are the beginners ofr this investigation. From Valencia To Cullera (town near to valencia), valencia fisherman will be the main characters of the history about the mediterranean sea and they will share with heraclitus ship.


Christine Handte is the captain during 4 years and she tell that mediterranean fisherman and Mediterranan Sea has got many interesting history which it will help for this investigation. For this proyect, Etonloy Museum of Valencia help to Heraclitus ship to contact with the fisherman to do an interview . Too, she told tha Valencia is the first european port in Europe and this is the main reason to choose the city.


Heraclitus is 25 metres large and 6 metres wide and they has run 5 times all the world. In open day to visit Heraclitus Boat, Christine Handtel show all the ship and she explain how is the life, kitche, library with more than one thousand books and all about this ship. Too, Christine Handtel show all the more curios objet, nautic cards, and differente mask from chine.Too lucky objects and proctetions god from turkey.


Hadnte tell us that Heraclitus ship is 14 peopel whose helpt to keep tidy all the boat . Too, This ship has got many visits whose colaborate with all the proyect and they learn about the life in this ship and all the investigation . About the financial proyect, she told us that they have sponshorship and private donations to do all the proyects around the sea.


Chistine Hadnte arrives to Valencia with Johanna Envich from Alaska who told us that the project is very interesting about the history in the mediterranean area . Too, this investigation helps to the next generation to know more abotut this sea and the history of fishermans in mediterranean area. Jedrek from Polant told that is very interenting to discover the sea from this ship and he told tha when he was3 years old he wants to be a fisherman. Jedrek says that he likes spanish culture and he likes the arquitecture of Cabañal and the people whose are very friendly.


This is Heraclitus and fishermans whose helps to know about their investigation and how is this ship to all the readers from Globedia.

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