A junk along the Oceans
Tonight, Federica will tell us her crossing
She’s ploughed through the seas on board of the Heraclitus
<I dream to come back on board for the end of the year> Tales worthy of the best Salgari’s
Grosseto. Do you remember of Federica Chimenti, the girl from Grosseto that for months was sailing on the Heraclitus, a 25m research vessel in ferro-cement and began from Australia pretending to sail all around the World?


The last news of “Fede” date back in Colombo, Sri Lanka, where, for Easter day she made a theatre performance, one of the activity that the 14 people family is making onboard.
Federica is back, she hugged her Maremma again, she peeped in Berlin, where she lived since three years and where she probably come back too, but Heraclitus is still in her heart and is going to take part of her life again, in some months.

<I think I will comeback on the ship -Federica said- for the end of the year when Heraclitus will be in South Africa. And with Heraclitus I will come back home.>
With a diploma in accounting at “Fossombroni” school in Via Sicilia and a degree certificate in Social Services, Federica is preparing psychologically for coming back to the Ocean, in Castelnuovo dell’ Abate, on Brunello’s sweet hills.


In every speech she makes is coming on surface this big love, anyways. <How can I don’t think of that –she underlines- they’ve been unforgettable months, deep, in the middle of the sea. Believe me, I’ve never feel such a big emotion before. Just for that, I’ve decide to follow my mission>.
Federica is a river in flood, she loves to tell to everybody about her amazing experience, and live it again thru her pictures that she makes with a manual camera from the ’60, a Zenit one.


Just tonight she will do it publicly, in front of her friends and of the citizenship, thanks to an initiative of “Popolare” bookstore in Via Ricasoli at 9PM.
It will be a good occasion to hear, from the good voice of the protagonist, stories like Emilio Salgari’s ones; tales of real life, support with images thousand and thousend kilometers faraway from here. <I love to take pictures – Federica said – people, faces, espression, much more then landscapes>.


<For whom that want to have more information about my travel on board of this research vessel launched in 1975 from Oakland, California, I suggest to visit the website www.rvheraclitus.org >.


Federica Chimenti, that has counted to the help of two friends, Roberto Ricci designs and Fotoesse, will reply to questions and curiosity. For a night, she will seems to be back on the Heraclitus (where she was storekeeper too) for tell stories and entertain the companionship.


Maurizio Caldarelli

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