July 26 2010, day 38

Yesterday early morning , when the full moon dove into the sea and just before sunrise we saw land. The islands of Flores and Corvo were to the ESE in about 35 nautical miles distance and very slowly taking shape. Zuna pointed into the right direction first because he knows that islands breathe and it took some time and squinting eyes before their silhouettes could be distinguished from the dark blue streaks of clouds that were embracing them.

Both are extinct volcanoes, up to 700 meters high. We were running under engine while the wind was blowing from the SSE, pushing us towards Corvo and we decided to have a closer look.
The nearer we got the more I felt humbled, almost mesmerized by this truly massive rock. Sheer cliffs, an enormous crater high up in the sky and the different shades of green were confusing my senses after many days at sea. We approached to almost half a mile distance and turned all engines off for about one hour to enjoy this special moment in style…
No trace of human life on the western face of this magnificent rock , only some hooved creatures seemed to graze in very high altitudes. Plenty sea birds, dolphins and even some whales were all around us – the ocean was teaming with life.
These islands are born of fire which gave an extra touch of magic to this wonderful return of mother earth to our realms. Very appropriate…..
Our last onion was chopped up for lunch time today by our Chinese rigger tattoo mistress and we just had a romantic glass of wine on deck to enjoy the last sunset of this voyage. Right now the engine rumbles ,1100 RPM does 4.5 knots in light winds and a smooth sea from SE – Another 50 nautical miles until Faial.
Everyone seems different……We are hyper, somehow confused and happily excited.
A wonderful nervousness about simple things like standing on firm ground, eating an apple or looking into somebody else’s eyes has come over us.
Almost almost there…
I’ll have another one!

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