Our Mission

“You cannot step in the same river twice. Neither the river nor the human, is the same.”

The Research Vessel Heraclitus is a floating platform for scientific studies, ecological understanding, and multicultural, multidisciplinary projects on Water Planet.

Onboard and in port, the crew champions the ocean, and the species and cultures who inhabit it and its coastlines through expeditions,
installations, workshops and training programs.

The vessel itself is an epic floating artwork, engineered and sculpted by members of Ecotechnics and by the crew.

From Wade Davis, Explorer-in-Residence, National Geographic Society:
“…we have to elevate our imagination to another sphere of life, the Ethnosphere, which is the sphere of all of our hopes. Because there is indeed a fire burning over the Earth, taking with it ancient cultures, visionary wisdom, plants, animals, languages, all the best of our human nature. Quelling that flame, reinventing the poetics of diversity, is the greatest challenge of the next era.

And the Heraclitus is a symbol of that hope. A moving ship, a moving platform of poets, artists, dreamers, scientists, exemplifying, by their own sincerity and intent, our own human quest, celebrating everything that we are.”

Wade Davis Opening speech, Heraclitus Exhibition; October Gallery, London 2001

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