Our Mission

“You cannot step in the same river twice. Neither the river nor the human, is the same.” -Heraclitus


Our mission is to inspire initiative and knowhow to protect Planet Water.


The Research Vessel Heraclitus is a floating platform for scientific studies, ecological understanding, and multicultural, multidisciplinary projects on Water Planet.


Our aim is to create contemporary sea people, stewards of the oceans. The vessel traverses the seas and the many cultures which depend on it. A small group of people can make a difference.

Our crew of explorers, artists, scientists and students navigate the precious waters that define Planet Water, with other species, many critically endangered. Our home is the Heraclitus, an epic floating artwork, engineered and sculpted by members of Ecotechnics and by the crew.


Onboard and in port, the crew engages in multidisciplinary, multicultural interactions, key to promoting knowledge, understanding and cooperation.

Wade Davis Opening speech, Heraclitus Exhibition; October Gallery, London 2001

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