In 1975, we built a beautiful, sturdy and unusual oceangoing ship, a ferrocement Chinese junk, to sail and to live on the seas, creating a demonstration of contemporary sea people. Most ships have a maximum lifespan of 30 years; ferrocement hulls are exceedingly strong and resilient. After 40 years, we are now re-making our sturdy and legendary vessel for another century.  We are upgrading the strength of the underlying metal structure which marries with special-mix concrete to form the ferrocement hull, with scrupulous attention to detail, quality workmanship and the loving hands of sculptors. 

The Heraclitus has sailed the world, weaving the knowledge of the past with the technics of the present, to create a new generation of seafarers to sail, explore and document the sea. In 2018 we will launch Heraclitus – Next Generation on her maiden voyage to explore oral histories and cultures on the coasts of West Africa and South America. 

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