Donors and Friends

Special thanks to Quico Despuig of Drassanes Despuig, and to Jordi of Jordi Pairo, and Fermi of PerfoConsultec, for their friendship and collaboration. 

Sponsors 2013-18 Rebuild and Mediterranean Expedition

Special thanks to Quico Despuig, owner of our shipyard Drassanes Despuig in Roses, Catalunya, for his support. And to Fermi of Berga PerfoConsultec, and Jordi Llado Richter of Remi Rent, for their invaluable friendship and assistance.

  • Institute of Ecotechnics
  • Omar Fayed
  • John Allen
  • Elizabeth Block
  • W. F. Dempster
  • Johanna Eurich
  • Christine Handte
  • Gisela and Siegfried Handte
  • Jakob Handte
  • Captain Rip Hayman
  • Robert Beer
  • Stanley Buchthal
  • Manno França
  • Pablo Friedlander
  • Ian Goodfellow
  • Adam Gee
  • Sibel Guler
  • Jonathan Greet
  • Simone Haggiag
  • Robert Rio Hahn
  • Marie Harding
  • Chili Hawes
  • David Hughes
  • Craig Inglis
  • Elizabeth Kiem
  • Reka Komaromi
  • Hans Leenaarts
  • Ralo Mayer
  • Mark Nelson
  • Jessi Rask
  • Francesco Rimondi
  • Molly Rimondi
  • Stefano Romizi
  • Antonino Saggio
  • Dirk Sikken
  • Barbara Stoeckigt
  • Natxo Tarres
  • Thrity Vakil

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