Voyage from Azores to Morocco; 7th of August 2010

We have cast off our lines 4 Hours ago at Horta and are now motor sailing to the NE, making 4.5 knots on 1100 rpm.
The E wind is moderate, before the starboard beam and Heraclitus heels with just 5 degrees to port on a gentle North Atlantic and feels steady and strong.
The impressive cliffs of the western tip of Sao Jorge are near and we are hoping for a bite when we pass over shallow water soon.
The weather forecast is not in our favor, so the plan is to cover distance to the NE and reach the center of the high pressure system where the head winds are weak and make good way towards the Iberian Peninsula – the main engine is going to rumble for the next 4 days – DD671 is noisy and thirsty but also wonderfully reliable – 1.06 Euro for a liter of diesel hurts a bit….
The winds will be from the north and should increase in strength the closer we get to the coast of mainland Portugal, and we need to be in higher latitudes to use those to be able to sail towards North Africa in style – this plan good plan I hope….
Christine left today to see family and friends, help to pave our way into Spain and catch our mooring lines when we finally arrive in Morocco.
Gabriella has jumped ship last Tuesday and is together with John somewhere between here and Casablanca – bon voyage !
Joan ,Iordanis and Jethro joined which makes us a fine crew of 12 – 4 women and 8 men from Argentina, Brazil, Honduras, USA, Solomon Islands, Australia, Germany and Greece -Let’s see what comes out of that! Neues Spiel neues Glueck….
Azores were beautiful, we made some sweet friends and I love the North star more than ever – but more about that another time.
We are sailing again – 1200 nautical miles to go and a few brilliant men are waiting for the black ship to arrive in the ancient city of Tangier. I am excited and hope for a fast and smooth ride.

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