Voyage from Azores to Tangier, 11th of august 2010, day 5

Yesterday was grey until the late afternoon, so we did not stop to go for a dip….
Today it shall be – I promised, and in 30 minutes from now we will stop and go for a swim in over 3500 meters of water. Strongly demanded especially by China-Mo because supposedly only above 40 degrees north this is a manly exercise that might even make your chest hair grow – we will see.
Zuna Port-Moresby already volunteered to be the shark watch of today. His ancestors return as sharks into this world, so maybe he’ll be able to put in a word for us in case we have a rare visit.
Last nights birthday dinner for Joan was sweet and plentiful and accompanied by a romantic evening sunset and a little performance of two foolish chevaliers in love, a mean Melanesian palace guardian and an ugly fake boobed queen from Greece.
We just had our dip into 23 degrees warm North Atlantic water – Neither frightening ancestral reincarnations nor gentle giants or other wonderful creatures of this realm came by… it was just us and a black ship and the magnificent blue of a deep ocean.
Interesting but also disturbing that, when looking for my misplaced thumb-drive, I have finally found the two credit cards that had disappeared under strange circumstances 4 months ago – under the chart table where we had looked a hundred times before…. . Yes, Dario! for the family…

Headwinds or no winds and the engine has been running almost continuously for the past 4 days and we used up more than a thousand liters of diesel already – C’est la Vie, without our noisy, thirsty friend we would be still drifting somewhere between the islands of Azores.
Compadres are waiting that we do not want to miss and the strong call of a magic land, people and continent is driving us.
Many of us have never been to Africa or Europe, have never visited a Muslim country, have never heard the magic sound of morning and evening prayers that are sung for more than a thousand years….
Heraclitus was visiting Aqaba of Jordan during Ramadan fifteen years ago and we all loved it for many reasons.
This will be also my first time in Morocco, but not the ships! She has seen Tangier before some 30 years ago.
I am getting excited.

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