Voyage from Azores to Tangier, 9th of august 2010, day 3

The skies are blue, not even a cloud over the north eastern horizon and the sea has calmed down in light easterly winds.
First I saw just a blow and got Iordanis who had not seen a whale in 33 years really excited – time for a sighting isn’t it….but nothing much happened until maybe half hour later when a group of 4-5 large pilot whales splashed around of port side in maybe 50 meters distance.
Great also when a few hours later I was taking a relaxed leak of the port bow, staring into a beautiful blue nothingness when suddenly, just a ships length away, a large sperm whale popped up to the surface to take a breath and say hello – general excitement on deck and the usual frantic search for cameras….
” I am telling you, the whale is looking at us…” maybe it even smiled before diving down again and waving good bye with its giant grey-green fluke a few minutes later.

Tomorrow if the calm persists we shall go swimming in these rich blue waters, hoping for another visit from our big and gentle friends.
Abi liked her little cat party last night with steak, cake, cocktail and beer and Ramones and Prodigy all served over 2000 meters of Water….
Now we continue under engine to the ENE and are looking forward to a fine dinner on deck on a calming ocean complimented by a long sunset, later to be topped by a clear and moonless night sky…. And I shall marvel at the Polar star while my universe spins around it slowly and dream.
New moon and the beginning of Ramadan in 2 days from now.

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