Voyage from Azores to Tangier, August 14th 2010, day 7

Finally at about 15:00 we turned the engine off and and started to sail in about 15 knots from NE – wonderful, we got what we wanted and can take it well from our current position, wind is slowly increasing in strength and just a little before the port beam.
We are heading towards Cabo de Sao Vicente on 125 degrees with up to 4 knots right now. I hope the wind will stay, so far we blew about 1/3 of our fuel.
Feels good and sounds more like a ship with creaking ropes and woodwork now, snoring mates and the ocean splashing along the sides of the hull.
The galley check valve failed and filled up sinks and floor, so did the one of the shower drain on starboard side – German Brazilian team fixed at least the Galley plumbing in no time; the rest has to wait, is to close to the waterline and not to be touched in the middle of the ocean….
Lucky again, we had a giant visitor late afternoon – this time a minke whale circled Heraclitus and resurfaced 5 or 6 times while we all cheered excitedly and smiled.
Otherwise we got spoiled with Zimbo-curry for lunch, Brisbane-beef stew for dinner and Joan is mercilessly giving us the rest with her fantastic baking skills from New York City.
The night is dark, the sky is overcast, dread lock maintenance has just finished in command room and I hear the 8 -12 chatting on the stern but prefer to listen to the wind caressing our sails and rigging while my eyelids are getting heavy – dozing off in paradise central. We are half way today..

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