Voyage from Azores to Tangier, August 15th 2010, day 9

I wanted to share my thoughts on the at times difficult question of our ETA Tangier.
For the past 24 hours we are sailing in good winds from NE towards Cabo de Sao Vicente, the SW tip of Iberia.
The Atlantic is beautiful today, grey skies, blue skies, rain or sunshine all racing past in quick succession while the waves are slowly growing bigger.
We are making between 3.5 and 4.5 knots and I am hopeful that weather conditions will be to our advantage for the next 2-3 days at least.
I would love to meet the ETA Tangier of 21st of August and we are doing our best to make the old black lady fly.
Any crew that does not perform to standards is punished immediately .
If the sea turns against us I shall consider dealing with it like Persian emperors have done in good old times before.
It is about 560 nautical miles to Tangier and we will have to cover a for Heraclitus very high average of 94 miles per day to arrive next Saturday, just before evening prayer on the shores of Morocco… – very difficult but not impossible.
It really depends on the weather, especially after we negotiated the southwest tip of Portugal.
If the infamous Levanter blows with near gale force winds into our face we can not even dream of trying to approach the straits of Gibraltar, but will have to find some place to hide instead.
If the sea is calm or a sweet little breeze blows from the west, we shall – especially with the help of DD671, pump up the volume and make it just fine and on time into the port of Tangier. That is my wish.
If we can not make 94 nautical miles but only 80 or even 70 per day, we would arrive on August 22nd or 23rd only….
I much appreciate every ones involvement and the great efforts that have been put into making this voyage to Morocco happen.
I hope that Gordon, Pablo, Manno and Omar – our fine international avant guard will be able to greet us in Tangier even if we run late.
I hope that Fortune continues to be our brother in arms and that Jemanja is still in love….
We just caught our first fish on this trip – que bonito….
Precision is a wonderful thing.

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