Voyage from Azores to Tangier, August 17th 2010, day 11

The wind has been pumping nicely from NNE for the past 24 hours and we are sailing on 4 points behind the port beam, averaging between 5 and 6 knots. If we continue like this we will see the the lighthouse of Cabo de Sao Vicente to port side by tomorrow night, from there it is only another 180 nautical miles to Tangier.
The swell is coming from the north and of short frequency, some waves in between were exceptionally high and earlier today we heeled over hard enough to take on water on leeward through the starboard side porthole in command room – that is rare as it is located about 2 meters above waterline – roll on Heraclitus…
Plenty of water has also collected under the wooden floor in Synestigia – our main dance – and dining hall and is slushing around noisily; we can not get it out when we are heeling so hard, no worries we are used to it..
Otherwise all sails are up under clear skies, the stars are bright, the fish don’t bite and all seems honkey dory.

I am watching the weather carefully with Freddy’s help. It seems as if there is a strong east wind developing for the 21st of August – not good for approaching Moroccan shores just before the straits of Gibraltar.
Currently we are lucky and are riding inside the western edge of a strong wind system, it is calming down of our stern…
So the latest fantastic idea is to focus on arriving a day early, instead of finding some hide out on the southern Portuguese or Spanish coast.
A bit of magic and it might just happen….and after passing Cabo de Sao Vicente we shall try to stay close to the southern shores of the peninsula, steering for a position north of Rio Guadalquivir, the entrance for the port of Sevilla, to again have a better angle towards easterly winds when finally taking aim for Tangier.
Only 80 nm to Lisbon right now and we might see its glow on the horizon to the NE after the moon is going down in a few hours.

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