Voyage from Azores to Tangier, August 19 2010, day 13

Last night was excellent.
We raced down the west coast of Portugal towards Cabo de Sao Vicente and finally turned east towards Cadiz around midnight.
For a few hours the ocean became very rough while the north wind put our rigging to a fine test.
The radar, packed with targets became a useful toy and helped to make sense of all those moving lights –
plenty of cargo ships, cruise liners and busy fishermen around.
It is early morning now, winds are very light from NNE and we are running under engine on 1150 RPM towards the east.
140 nautical miles to Tangier, we are cruising with 4.8 knots and so far we seem lucky – I like it….
Yesterday morning I was on the helm when Gilson saw whales very close to the ship and I climbed awkwardly out of the Lhasa window, our helms house, to see for just some seconds several blows of maybe 4 or 5 creatures with rather large and pointy dorsal fins in close vicinity.
Das was no sharks! But can it be that we saw a group of Orcas????
Palm trees in England? Orcas of Portugal? Chinese junk made of stone in Africa?
A world full of wonders hidden to the eyes of ignorance might explain it all.
The little fish of mahi mahi genes, that came on board in the early hours of yesterday got marinated in soy sauce and wasabi before being seared for just a few seconds and munched away secretly in the galley by some greedy bastards – I was one of them! Yes!
I did not get too much sleep last night but collapsed happily on the stern bunk in command room in between exciting moments.
A low mountain range can be seen to the north and to sense when waking up this morning the smell of land that got carried over to the ship by some light early morning breeze was a delight – there must be pine trees over there.
Europe is only 20 miles away…

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