Voyage from Azores to Tangier, August 20th 2010, day 14

Heraclitus is working hard into a force 5 easterly wind.
Sails are pulled in tight, we have just changed to a starboard tack to get again closer to the Spanish coast, to find protection from a windward shore. The ship is only doing 2.8 knots on 1200 RPM. Heading for Cabo Trafalgar at the moment – kiss me Hardy….

We are back on a port tack now and are heading straight for Tangier, bearing is 140 degrees and distance only 25 nautical miles. .
Speed is averaging on a meager 2.5 knots.
Don’t know how big the swell will be when we finally have to cross the open straits of Gibraltar,. The east wind might also gain in strength when being funnelled through the high mountains on either side. The rigging is not happy, but the sails are needed to keep a straight course. The bow is starting to dive….
Generally the current sets with 2 knots to the east through the strait and that will hopefully carry us nicely towards Baie de Tangier.
We’ll try…
Tangier tonight or shelter of the coast of Spain – the next couple of hours will tell.

A helicopter of the Spanish Guardia Civil is circling us right now…..

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