Voyage from Azores to Tangier, August 21, day 0

We arrived in the Bay of Tangier and the last sail was finally lowered exactly when the sun touched the horizon, just of the entrance to the harbor.
I was afraid that this crossing might take 20 to 30 hours
Great afternoon in really rough seas, we got a solid pounding towards the end – probably the roughest 30 miles of the whole voyage . The mainmast is still standing proud and now we are alongside an empty commercial dock with gigantic truck tires as fenders, in the harbor of an ancient city.
Xti, Gordon, Omar and Manno our remarkable team of mooring men/woman took the docking lines in port after watching Heraclitus approaching for the last ten miles towards Tangier from high up in front of the old cities wall.
We had real audience and they liked it…
Later we went for a fine Moroccan Dinner on the Terrace of the Continental hotel, we walked through the old town, talked, enjoyed the difference and had mint teas or coffees in bars with lots of atmosphere and history.
It is Ramadan and the city wakes up late and is very lively while nobody is drunk – very interesting.

Always fantastic to see something completely new, so I am in trance now and try to realize that this was a truly grand finally of a wonderful time across a very big ocean.
We sailed here
Jemanja, thanks for having us…

Tomorrow we have to move the ship forward before the arrival of a cruise liner at 11:00.
I am very tired and very wired but it is time to go to bed – 21 st of August 3:50 Zulu.

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