Voyage from Azores to Tangier, Day 2, 8th of August 2010

(…by the way Zulu means GMT or UTC but just sounds much cooler! )
Azores was somehow plain but sweet and honest – quiet and humble people that did not make a fuss about anything.
A powerful volcanic landscape all around and the port of Horta has a small town feel to it – no wonder with a total of only 15000 inhabitants on the island of Faial – strange at first…
Almost shockingly different, especially after almost 6 weeks at sea and most of us got intoxicated more than once on vino, cheese, chorizo or nature….
There was some wonderfully unpretentious hospitality around and a favor, a ride, some free beer or wine or fish seemed to be a most natural thing – nice experience and somehow refreshing.
French Matilda came along side without asking and I wanted to send them away at first but was charmed instantly by a group of very gentle young men and beautiful woman – interesting, talented and sweet – French people can be wonderful too…..
Great to have them for a few days and to enjoy each others company, and we were hanging out and ate and drank and laughed and even climbed the highest peak of Portugal together. They admired Heraclitus and said that they felt the spirit of all continents and oceans breathing from inside our vessel – I liked that.
Good luck to you, especially when rowing across the Atlantic next year.
Pico is the highest volcano of the Azores and also gives the name to its island.
Climbing through the thick clouds to a sunny 2200 meter high peak where one could still feel the heat of the inside of the earth was a splendid challenge – Sailor legs do usually not walk far on a 82 foot sailing junk and my heart was beating fast and happy – makes one feel alive…
We were 6 and sleeping even closer to the stars that night was cold but truly magic. Gilson and Jethro did good and Christine developed a most interesting cowboy walk while descending next morning; waving good bye to Thierry and Severine from our ferry was kind of touching.
The anchor winch is finally working again , the forward mast head light shines bright, tanks are full, so are the freezers and we are out at sea for almost 30 hours now – ready for anything, we hope – I wish….
Weather is still not in our favor.
Tangier is to the ESE but right now we are moving under engine to the NNE, hoping our plan works out – Chinese Junk rig is strong but not made to sail upwind!
The skies are blue and a coolish wind from ENE blows into our face – Temperature is around 23 degrees Celsius.
Today is Abi’s birthday and we will be lion punks and shall try something civilized for a change – Rammstein?

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