Voyage from Azores to Tangier, Monday August 16 2010, day 10

Yeah ,we are kind of flying in a sexy force 6 wind and sea state – lots of white cap, sprays and big swells from the beam make the ship roll back and forth and heel with up to 30 degrees to starboard – almost as good as it gets, still on the gentle side and everyone seems to like being on the helm – there is something grand about steering 120 tons of boat through a rough ocean; the ship seems to like it too.
We covered 120 nautical miles in 24 hours, currently we are making up to 6 knots –
Captain was in good mood this morning and made some fine Kartoffelpuffer for breakfast, however…I could not find the applesauce and neither could the search and rescue team that I had sent through the vessel just before it was time to serve. This added a certain tragic twist to my performance – I am over it now.
The crew is quiet and when the ship is this fast one can hear the propeller shaft rotating rapidly in engine room, driven by the water rushing past.
It is 170 miles to Lisbon, 250 to Cabo Sao de Vicente, 430 to Tangier. Soon, too soon we will experience lots of ships traffic – new to most of us .Gibraltar straits is such a narrow passage to the Mediterranean.
From tomorrow on I shall sleep in command room again – closer to the action…

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