Yoyage from Azores to Tangier, Friday the 13th of August 2010, day 7

Wind is from ESE and on our nose – that is not exactly what we asked for but life is not perfect, at least not today but maybe tomorrow…
According to the weather forecast the wind should increase in strength become more NNE and then we could finally turn the engine off for a change and travel the seas in the way one should – sailing….
Again plenty opportunities to make wishes last night and I was pleased to see an old companion again after a long time – Orion stood proud in the early morning sky to the east and reminded me of past adventures, promises and romance. Dreaming had worked just fine last night.
I want to pass some knowledge on and felt myself almost getting tense about it during our lunch meeting today when complaining about a lack of questions ???? Or taking either notes or lots of gingko bilboa supplements when I talk about equation of time or meridian passages.
Calma senior…
The sea is gentle, the food is great and the crews mood so far is sweet and light and that is for a change very pleasant indeed…
A light breeze from NE right now and we are steering towards Cabo de Sao Vicente, 540 nautical miles to the SW tip of Portugal and from there another 180 nm to Tangier.

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